Whooo Are Yoooou?


…said the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.  We are a mother-daughter team committed to living a year of Disney.  We will explore crafts, recipes, sewing projects, and more all related to Disney and Disney parks.


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(Mom) A’s Interview
1.  Earliest Disney parks memory?  We took a family trip to Florida during the first year WDW was open.  I don’t remember a lot about it except for the fact that it felt like it was in the middle of nowhere because things weren’t built up yet.  The other thing I think I remember was riding the monorail.

2.  Favorite ride?  Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios

3.  Favorite character?  Goofy – that is because he interacted the most with my granddaughter on our last trip!

4.  Favorite park?  That’s tough, but I think Epcot because of the variety of rides and the fact that there is a lot of open area so it doesn’t feel as crowded.

5.  Best Disney memory?  Running the Princess Half Marathon with our daughter just two months after our granddaughter was born.  It was a big accomplishment and I knew it would be just the first of many Disney trips with our granddaughter, just like we enjoyed with our daughter.

6.  Worst Disney memory?  Sorry to say, especially because it was so pricey, but eating at the California Grill.  We’ll have a review of that later.

7.  How many times have you been?  WDW – at least 5.  Disneyland – at least 10.  We used to live close to Disneyland enough to hear the fireworks at night!

8.  What resorts have you stayed at?  Pop Century, Port Orleans, Bay Lake Towers

9.  Favorite Disney food?  Frozen banana

10.  Dream/ideal next trip?  A week or two at WDW staying at Bay Lake Towers or Wilderness Lodge with our family.  The beauty of staying for an extended time is that you don’t feel the need to jam everything in to just a few days.

(Daughter) E’s Interview
1.  Earliest Disney parks memory?  Watching the Main Street Electrical parade and riding the monorail at Disneyland.  We weren’t staying at a resort, but riding the monorail was the best ride ever!

2.  Favorite ride?  Soarin, Rockin Roller Coaster, it’s a small world, Space Mountain

3.  Favorite character?  Out of original Disney characters, I would probably say Minnie Mouse.  But now that Star Wars characters are Disney characters, Yoda or Obi-Wan.

4.  Favorite park?  Epcot

5.  Best Disney memory?  I have two:  Finishing the Princess Half Marathon and our entire last trip, which was the first time my daughter went to the parks.  Seeing all the Christmas decorations was so much fun, especially the fireworks on Christmas Eve.  We found the perfect spot to watch!

6.  Worst Disney memory?  I don’t have many bad memories, but probably eating at Les Chefs de France.  We didn’t enjoy the meal very much.

7.  How many times have you been?  Many times to Disneyland as a child (looking back at old pictures we counted 4 times before I was 4!) and 4 times to Disney World.

8.  What resorts have you stayed at?  Pop Century, Port Orleans Riverside, and Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary Resort

9.  Favorite Disney food?  We haven’t had good luck with sit down meals at Disney World.  I would probably say chocolate covered bananas!  I do have memories of getting churros at Disneyland when I was younger that were pretty tasty.

10.  Dream/ideal next trip?   My ideal next trip would be staying at Bay Lake Towers again over Christmas.  I would stay for ten days to two weeks and have time to go to the parks for a longer amount of time and explore more resorts.


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