DIY Disney Recipes – Larabars


Okay, so this one isn’t actually a recipe from Disney.  But it is a great snack to take with you on your Disney vacation!

We love Larabars.  They are made out of all natural ingredients, no added sugar or anything.  Most are just dates and some kind of nuts.  On our December trip, we brought a box of Larabars to eat in the parks.  They are pretty filling, so one bar and a piece of fruit can be a light meal that is way less expensive than buying Disney’s food.

The problem is that Larabars can be expensive, so when we got back I looked around for homemade Larabar recipes.  We have been making them ever since.  They are also a great snack for toddlers!

The recipe I have been using can be found here.  I use my Magic Bullet and the bars turn out great.  Here is our favorite recipe so far:

  • 30 grams unsalted cashews (1/4c)
  • 80 grams dates, which is a scant 2/3c
  • tiny pinch salt
  • Optional: a drop or two of good-quality vanilla extract

Blend in your food processor or Magic Bullet.


So easy to make – and a yummy, healthy, filling snack.  Perfect for long days trekking around Disney World!



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