Gwarsh!!! It’s the Best Disney Souvenir Ever!


Isabella loves Goofy.  At age 2, she hasn’t gotten into the princesses yet, but couldn’t get enough of Goofy on our Christmas trip to Walt Disney World.  We wanted a way to remember the sight of her running up to meet her beloved Goofy.  We took lots of photographs, but wanted a little something more to commemorate our trip.

goofy (1)


I have been printing  handprints and footprints from Isabella since she was born for a future quilt.  As I looked at them, an idea popped into my head.  A little paint, some cardstock, minimal drawing skills and a little bit of time and we now have the perfect personalized memento of our trip!  And best of all, it was FREE!

goofy footprint art, #DisneySide


It’s very simple to make your own.  First, apply a generous amount of acrylic paint to your child’s foot and press it on the cardstock.

2014-01-31 at 16-37-32

A heavy coat of paint gave a better base shape for Goofy’s head than a light one.  Let the paint dry.  Then, paint the eyes in with the bottom of them at about the halfway mark of the footprint.  Add an oval nose at the bottom center, ears at the sides, facial wrinkles and whiskers and last of all, Goofy’s quirky hat resting on the heel of the footprint.  Done!

Next time, we’ll do it before we go and get Goofy to sign it.  “Yaaah hoo hoo hooey”!



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