A Disney Ride at Home – DIY!

Mickey Mouse Seesaw DIY 008

Disney inspired yard toys to DIY

What Disney ride is free, has no waiting line, and is available all the time?    It’s Isabella’s new Mickey Mouse seesaw!

Mickey Mouse Seesaw DIY 007

The plans for this seesaw are from the fabulous Ana-White website.   My husband built it and when he was getting ready to put the seat on, we asked him to cut it into a Mickey head shape.  It ends up being extra comfortable, especially when there are two people sitting on one end!

Isabella and her friends are having a great time on her personal Disney ride.  She likes it so much that we even resorted to bringing it inside when the temperatures dropped too low to play outside!

Mickey Mouse Seesaw DIY 009


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    • I love this idea! I want to make one for my nice for her birthday this weekend, and was wondering what you used for the seat? A 1×12, or plywood? I just don’t know what to use to get the size for the ears right. Thanks so much!

      • It was a 1×12 if I remember correctly. The straight part of the seat is 5 inches wide by 11 inches long. The Mickey head shape starts at 11 inches and goes out about 10 inches, so the total length of the seat board is 21 inches to the tip of Mickey’s ears. A child and adult can both fit on the seat. We just sketched out the head shape and my husband cut it on the bandsaw.

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