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Disney Footprint Art – Princess Half Marathon Version


Disney Footprint Art

Here’s another sample of how we took Isabella’s footprint and turned it into a Disney souvenir keepsake.  We ran the Disney Princess half marathon when she had just turned 2 months old and her tiny footprint was taken at that time.  It was her first, of hopefully many, trips to Disney World as she grows up.

We ran as a team called Team Roo and had hats embroidered with a kangaroo and the words “Team Roo” on them, so of course, her first Disney footprint art needed to feature Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

The footprint was made by brushing acrylic paint on her foot and pressing it down on some watercolor paper.  I sketched out the rest of Roo in pencil using the footprint as Roo’s body.

Footprint art - kangaroo


When I was satisfied with that, I drew over the lines with a Micron pen, added the medal we got for finishing and our team name and painted it with watercolors.

It will be a challenge to keep turning Isabella’s handprints or footprints into her favorite Disney character for each trip, but it will be a fun way to watch her interests change as she grows.

If you missed her footprint from our last trip that we turned into Goofy, click here.

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Memory Keeping Monday

Disney Look for Less – Mickey Football Sweater


On our last trip to WDW, we came across this shirt:

Mickey Mouse football tshirt

Cute, yes?  And perfect for a fall game day here in Alabama.  At $40, it was pretty pricey for a toddler to wear, but since there were none available in her size at that time, we weren’t faced with that decision.

On a trip through Target, I saw this sweatshirt on the clearance rack for $6.


This is one of those times when an embroidery machine would come in handy, but with inspiration from the shirt above,  I was able to make a custom University of Alabama themed Mickey Mouse football sweatshirt with a little time, a regular sewing machine, and some scraps of fabric all at a total cost of $6.00!

DIY Mickey Mouse Football sweatshirt

Here’s how I made it.    I started with an image downloaded here and traced it onto stabilizer.  Starting with the segments of the picture that are the furthest in the background, I reverse appliqued the fabric onto the stabilizer and trimmed away any excess.  It is a technique learned in an online class called “Double Reverse Applique” by Ellen Lindner.

Her technique is designed for art quilts and not kids clothing, so after the applique was finished. the raw edges were covered with satin stitching.  Then the whole patch was sewn onto the back of the sweatshirt.

On game day this fall, Isabella will be showing her #DisneySide.  Roll Tide!

DIY Mickey and Friends Easter Eggs


We had some friends over to dye and decorate Easter Eggs this week.  What could I do besides give our eggs a Disney theme?

DIY Disney Easter Eggs

I printed off Mickey stickers from here.  Grab these quickly, because Spoonful is shutting down soon!  When I saw these printables from the new Mickey shorts, I knew I had to use them on a project.  I used adhesive dots to adhere them since I didn’t have any sticker paper handy.

DIY Disney Easter Eggs

Check out our DIY Easter egg holder!  It’s a Magic Band from our Disney trip in December!

DIY Disney Easter Eggs

I combined the stickers with this decorating kit from Target.  After dyeing, the kids got to work decorating.  The eggs were so cute, the moms had to decorate some also!

Disney Envelope Art


Isabella is at the age where it’s exciting to get mail the old fashioned way – in a mailbox!  Though, we don’t live too far apart, sometimes several days go by when I don’t see her, but want her to know I’m thinking of her.

Disney envelope art

So, I bought a little packet of stickers to send to her.  Of course, the envelope needed some #DisneySide decoration with a quick Bill Peet style sketch of Balloo and Mowgli.

Disney Memory Keeping – Watercolor Sketchbook


Watercolor Sketchbook Epcot #DisneySide 014

We always keep a camera, or two or three, with us when traveling, and have years of scrapbooks to show for it.  But, always being behind a lens can have drawbacks.  It doesn’t tell the whole story and the quest to photograph everything can sometimes take away from being immersed in the experience.

I envied people who traveled with a sketchbook and could jot notes and sketches of their trips, but I had never drawn before and wasn’t sure if it was even possible to learn how at my age.

A search led to a workshop by a teacher named Marilynn Brandenburger on how to keep a watercolor sketchbook.  She taught how to get started and how to see things in a way that it was possible for a beginner to translate onto paper.  One of the biggest lessons she taught was that “It isn’t a painting, it’s a sketch.”

Disney World

Disneyland and Disney World are filled with scenes that could fill a sketchbook, but since our primary reason for being there is to experience it with our granddaughter, sketches have to be made very quickly.  Usually, it is when someone stops to look at a shop or take a bathroom break.

Sketching at Disney  World

On our last trip, I put together a little sketching kit that fit compactly in my bag and could be drawn out when there were a few free minutes.

travel watercolor sketching kit

For this trip, I decided on a 6″ square sketchbook.  It is bound using a Levenger Circa punch and discs.   The beauty of this type of “binding” is that you can make any size or shape of book you want and take pages in and out as desired.  Park maps or other paper ephemera can be punched and added at any time.

A  Micron pen and mechanical pencil get the sketch started.  A little 2″ x 4″ box holds a kneaded eraser, a waterbrush and a little tin of watercolors.

watercolor sketch kit

Inside the tiny Altoid tin, I used Sculpey to make a little watercolor travel kit.

Altoid watercolor tin

Using a waterbrush means not having to carry a cup of water to be able to paint.

An added bonus is that Isabella can paint, too, while we stand in line or wait for a parade!

Toddler Hairstyle: Minnie Mouse Ears


This is Isabella’s favorite hairstyle: Minnie Mouse ears!  She asks for it almost every day.  It is an easy hairstyle for toddlers, but it can also be modified for girls with longer (or shorter) hair.

Minnie Mouse hair

Separate hair into two ponytails.  I do the part close to the middle.  Make sure the ponytails are up high on her scalp, right above her ears.


Take one loop of the ponytail elastic and twist it one more time.  Pull the hair through, but only about an inch or so.  There will be a “tail” of hair hanging down.


Wrap the tail of hair around the base of the “ear” and tuck the end into the elastic.  You could use bobby pins to secure if necessary, but I find that the “ears” hold fairly well without.  Repeat on the other side to create two Minnie ears!


I like to add a hairbow on one side to complete the Minnie Mouse look.  Enjoy!