Disney Look for Less – Mickey Football Sweater


On our last trip to WDW, we came across this shirt:

Mickey Mouse football tshirt

Cute, yes?  And perfect for a fall game day here in Alabama.  At $40, it was pretty pricey for a toddler to wear, but since there were none available in her size at that time, we weren’t faced with that decision.

On a trip through Target, I saw this sweatshirt on the clearance rack for $6.


This is one of those times when an embroidery machine would come in handy, but with inspiration from the shirt above,  I was able to make a custom University of Alabama themed Mickey Mouse football sweatshirt with a little time, a regular sewing machine, and some scraps of fabric all at a total cost of $6.00!

DIY Mickey Mouse Football sweatshirt

Here’s how I made it.    I started with an image downloaded here and traced it onto stabilizer.  Starting with the segments of the picture that are the furthest in the background, I reverse appliqued the fabric onto the stabilizer and trimmed away any excess.  It is a technique learned in an online class called “Double Reverse Applique” by Ellen Lindner.

Her technique is designed for art quilts and not kids clothing, so after the applique was finished. the raw edges were covered with satin stitching.  Then the whole patch was sewn onto the back of the sweatshirt.

On game day this fall, Isabella will be showing her #DisneySide.  Roll Tide!


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