Lilo and Stitch week – Day 1 – DIY felt lei


Isabella has never seen Lilo and Stitch.  However, with summer (and heat) fully rolling in around here, I had to do some tropical crafts and recipes.  What better theme for the week than a movie set in Hawaii?  You could use all these ideas for a Lilo and Stitch movie party if you wanted.

Day 1: DIY felt flower leis

DIY felt lei

I started with various colors of felt cut into flower shapes.  These don’t have to be perfect – no one will notice in the end!

DIY felt lei

I gave Isabella adhesive dots so that she could stick the flowers together in the order she wanted.  Older kids can skip straight to sewing the flowers themselves.  Once we had the flowers in order, I hand sewed the flowers together into a necklace.  If you have a good sewing machine, you could machine sew them, but mine wouldn’t sew through two layers of felt.

Fluff the flowers a bit, and there you go!  Aloha!

DIY felt lei


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