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Toddler Hairstyle: Minnie Mouse Ears


This is Isabella’s favorite hairstyle: Minnie Mouse ears!  She asks for it almost every day.  It is an easy hairstyle for toddlers, but it can also be modified for girls with longer (or shorter) hair.

Minnie Mouse hair

Separate hair into two ponytails.  I do the part close to the middle.  Make sure the ponytails are up high on her scalp, right above her ears.


Take one loop of the ponytail elastic and twist it one more time.  Pull the hair through, but only about an inch or so.  There will be a “tail” of hair hanging down.


Wrap the tail of hair around the base of the “ear” and tuck the end into the elastic.  You could use bobby pins to secure if necessary, but I find that the “ears” hold fairly well without.  Repeat on the other side to create two Minnie ears!


I like to add a hairbow on one side to complete the Minnie Mouse look.  Enjoy!